Mark / Comenyaro

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I am more than RSD

I have brown Hair and Eyes. I am 6'3". I am from Austria but live near Santa Barbara California now.

I Love music miss having a woman in my life . I love helping kids . I'm going to college to learn to be the best Counselor I can be I hope to work with Children's Services. Walks especially in the rain on a beach and I love nature. Going to a concert of good Rock or Jazz or Classical music, I started a Radio station once called KOTR

Hi I like chatting in Paltalk of course I also chat on AOL and MSN ,I go to the music rooms at PalTalk or I have my room open ,SDers or any Pain,and RSDers Lost in Spacewhere I just talk with kids who found out they have RSD ,RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is soo incredibly painful it can rule your life ,just knowing there is someone else feeling what you do can give so much support ,I pray thats what I give